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Tietoja Uncle Chestnut's Table Gype

Paul & Christopher Nowak
Board Game Arena
Pelattujen pelien määrä
6 857
Pelaajien lukumäärä:
2 - 4
Pelin kesto:
34 mn

Board Game Arena haluaa kiittää tahoa Eternal Revolution tämän pelin saamiseksi tänne.

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Move all of your pieces to the Home Row opposite your starting position.

Rules summary

On their turn, each player can:

  1. Roll one of his pieces and place it back where it was
  2. Move one of the pieces according to the rules for the face-up side

Movement of the pieces:

  • Flame: can move straight or diagonally in all directions
  • Book: can move straight in all directions
  • Swords: can move diagonnally in all directions
  • Tree: can move straight forward or backwards, and diagonally forward
  • Ear: cannot move at all !
  • Hat: can move two steps straight then one step on the side, in all directions (like the knight in chess)

A piece can jump over an adjacent piece if there is an open space on the other side of the piece being jumped in the direction of the jumping piece's movement. The first time a piece is jumped over during a turn, it has to be rolled. After a jump, all pieces (except for the hat) can go on jumping as long as there is another valid jump available from the landing space.

A piece can freely move within its Home Row as long as it did not leave it. After it leaves though, it can't reenter its Home Row.

A piece arrived into his destination Home Row cannot move afterwards. Nonetheless, it can always finish a series of jumps before coming to a rest.

Playing online

Reordering your pieces: before starting to play, each player can reorder his pieces in his Home Row. To accomplish this, you can drag and drop a piece over another to exchange their positions. When you are done, click on the 'I'm finished' link above the play space. When all players are finished reordering, the game starts.

Select a piece: click on a piece. Available destinations for this piece (jumps comprised) are then highlighted.

Move a piece: click on the destination you want to move to. After a jump, if it is possible to make another jump, corresponding destinations will be highlighted. You can also stop where you are by clicking on the 'I'm finished' link above the play space.

Path selection: in order to move to a given destination, the hat can select between two moves. Either two steps forward then one on the side, or one step on the side then two steps forward. Distinct pieces may be rolled by following one path or another. Choosing the movement you want is done by clicking the link '1->2' or the link '2->1' (selected path is then highlighted), then by clicking the link 'I'm finished' above the play space.

Available variants

Random start: for a more random game, starting pieces are rolled (Ears are rolled again till getting only moving pieces).

Rule of Chaos: to encourage more chaos, a player cannot cross the middle of the board with any of their pieces until their starting Home Row has been emptied: all pieces have to be put in play at the same time.

Random start & Rule of Chaos : combination of the two previous variants.

Have a good game !

21 peliä käynnissä

Katso käynnissä olevaa peliä (21 peliä käynnissä)

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